Pet Boarding

Sea-Foam & Sunshine Suites $39

Comfort, convenience, and style are all on the menu in our Sea-Foam and Sunshine suites. These spacious suites are furnished with a chew proof Karunda bed and a high pile Purple Pebble cuddle mat that offers an almost stuffed feel to it.

These suites are designed to provide the utmost in comfort to one large dog or 2 smaller-sized pups. However, with our adjoining suite doors, we can expand the size of the suite for multi-pet families, and when feeding time comes, we can easily separate them to avoid any potential food aggression.

If you have a high energy member of the family, be sure to add on a half or full day of daycare to your boarding stay or take advantage of our other packages to keep your furry friend happy and active while you are away. We have playful packages for all personalities.

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